Thursday, August 8, 2013


Picked up this demo tape from Washington DC band Vile Faith recently based on the good word Bill at Seitan Worship made a while back. Put together by an entity known as Empty Mind Records, to me these guys come across as a really good rendition of some 80's American grind ala Repulsion or Terrorizer. Bill hinted at such influences as well, and a lot of the hallmarks are here: intense blasts mixed with upper paced thrash chords, fuzzy guitar tone, and a pretty similar vocal approach to that of Oscar Garcia. The impression I get from the band though based on the artwork and presentation of this tape and some of the things I've seen them say on their facebook page is that they see themselves as more of a straight up Power Violence band. They look really young too (as in I don't think there would be anyone in the band older than 17 years of age), so I guess it's possible that they're not quite as focussed as I would hope they are. Regardless, they've put together a pretty cool demo here, and I'm keen to hear more.

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