Friday, August 9, 2013


Here's an EP that's garnered a fair amount of praise over the last few weeks, the new 7", "State Property" from Arizona's Sex Prisoner. Black wax of the wider edition, pressed by Bad Teeth Recordings, the new label from one of the fellows from Weekend Nachos. As far as I know this is the third vinyl release from the band following their s/t debut from a few years back and a three way split earlier this year also featuring ACxDC and Magnum Force. I haven't heard that new split, but this is better than the first 7". It follows along a similar path, heavy stop/start hardcore with a dense guitar tone, but with this release the band seem to have consciously pursued a sound slightly more akin to Despise You. More of that rough sound. I doubt that this change will spoil it for previous fans though.


Across Your Face said...

Best band name I've heard in a few years

Sean said...

It's okay I guess. Not very good for liking on Facebook and your girlfriends mother sees it!