Thursday, August 15, 2013


I read somewhere that Tokyo's Coffins rely heavily on a fan base of predominantly punk kids. No idea of the basis behind such a statement, but I can certainly see some kind obvious appeal to that demographic with the band. Slow, simple, groove based Death Metal with relatively rough recordings and a gurgling front man. This is their brand new double LP pressed by Relapse, "The Fleshland" on the widest press of 1000 copies, purple with pink splatter.
The bands fourth full length amongst a catalogue of more than twenty other releases in the forms of EP's and splits since forming in the mid 90's, they don't deviate a millimetre here from their fully means tested brand of sewer sludge death doom. As with their previous split-mates Hooded Menace and that bands latest LP release on Relapse from last year, I really expected a rather up market, perhaps borderline over done recording with this album, but if anything, the band have regressed noticeably in quality from previous LP releases. Don't get me wrong, it's hardly poor quality, the punch is still packed to the brim here, but the roughness does prevail, and in a great way. And I think that's why I'm attracted to the band; for that roughness.
20 Buck Spin has just gone about reissuing the bands 2008 album, and my favourite of theirs, "Buried Death", and I ordered it along with the new Mammoth Grinder LP. I should be able to post about it in the next week or so hopefully.

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Dustin said...

I definitely like the standard sleeve color way better than the limited black and white one that I got.