Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Like Liverpool's Violent Reaction, The Flex from Leeds are part of the current crop of 80's USHC styled bands reigning down from The North of England. Also like VxR, with this debut 7" of theirs, "Scum On The Run", pressed by the bands own label Milk Run Records along with Video Disease Records from California, they take a pretty pointy stab at Boston '82, employing a relatively similar style to that of their brother band, though utilising less of that Oi! sound. Noticeably cleaner in recording qualities than their 2012 demo and their "Flexual Healing" promo tape from earlier this year, any band from the USA recording and releasing music like this would surely be met with a huge amount of hype and excitement, whereas (and possibly because of the amount of attention the VxR LP has drawn in the last six weeks), this 7" hasn't been recognised on a wider scale the way it probably should have been. That's the way it seems to me anyway. Fantastic record though, and a shining example of how The North seem to be ruling it at the moment. Red wax of 600.

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