Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Another day, another post about a Northie band. This time it's about Obstruct from Yorkshire and their debut EP, "No Life". Pressed by Northern Wisdom Records, my copy is on this hell-thick one sided black wax. I was initially turned on to these guys by a recent post Dustin made on his blog. I'd never heard of them before that. Kinda surprised really, as this is the stuff that's really typical of my regular hardcore tastes. Pit worthy 80's USHC rehash. Most obvious influence for these guys is clearly early Boston, though I'm hearing them display some light NYHC tendencies. I'm willing to bet that the VxR demo and EP play a heavy part in this bands lineage also, and I'm reminded a couple times of mid era Think I Care, though I doubt that was intentional on the bands part.

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unwaveringspirit said...

Really liked this when it first came out. Hopefully an lp comes out of this.