Monday, June 24, 2013


Picked this up recently, the new split 7" between The Kill and Captain Cleanoff. Blue vinyl, pressed by Psychocontrol Records. Obtained via Discogs dot com. Considering that these bands would likely be considered two of Australia's premier current grindcore bands, I've never been able to generate any real interest in either of them. To be fair, what I really know about either band is minimal at best, but to me they've always seemed like the local grind bands that cater to the more lazy metal and punk guys who couldn't be arsed putting any effort into digging for good, genuine grind. Don't get me wrong here, both of these groups utilise some pretty fucking abrasive blasts, and far less palatable sounds in general, but production qualities for most of both bands recorded output have always pretty high end for this kind of music, and probably a little too up scale for my tastes. There's always been something about the vocal stylings for both bands that I could never get into either. Not brutal enough etc.
The Kill's contribution to this split has perhaps altered my opinion on the band a little. The recording is rough and blown out and loud. The songs are relentless and no frills. Perhaps the fact that the first spin I gave their side was at maximum volume when nobody was home had something to do with it too. Captain Cleanoff's work hasn't really done a huge amount to sway me either way on them though. The recording comes across (to me) as a little sterile and weak, but in the grand scheme of things the band is still obviously good at what they do. Just not my cup of tea I guess.

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Dustin said...

Just recently got The Kill's newest LP and kind of feel the same way you do. I definitely like the LP, but I agree that the overly clean production kind of takes away from the band.