Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My fondness of Toronto's Wastoids was first and only once mentioned on this blog around nine months ago when I made a quick post about a similar incarnation of this new EP of theirs. Labelled something along the lines of "Three More Songs About Living In The Suburbs", back in September three songs were released in the digital format only by the band themselves. At the time I was perplexed as to why this thing wasn't seeing the light of day via the proper analogue treatment, as the three songs presented were just total bangers of the snotty, degenerate, no hoper kind. The kind of stuff that would totally be at home on a label like Deranged Records or No Way! Records three or four years ago. I'd read a few stories of how the dudes in the band were total fucking turds and impossible to deal with so I more or less assumed that either no labels wanted anything to do with them, or perhaps vice versa.
Well to my relief, Deranged have finally come to the table and given this EP a proper release, this time with an additional two songs recorded in a later session. They've also decided to re-don the slab with a s/t moniker. As mentioned, the band take a pretty sharp shot at the whole "TIBNLA" vibe. Jerry's Kids, FU's etc. No hoper, outsider, shitty outlook kind of hardcore punk. The three earlier songs are still my favourite with their blown out recordings. "I'm A Prick" would certainly please most potential fans with it's sharp, desperate vocals, fuzzed power chords and streamlined construction. Though, the other two originals, "My Toronto", and "Brown Sugar, Brown Liquor" are just as brilliant in their execution. To be honest, the last of those three has probably seen the most repeated plays in my itunes this year. The new tracks run an almost identical territory. More unashamedly self aware loser hardcore, though the recordings lend themselves to an arguably more stompy feel, and with the track listing of all five songs mixed up it kind of gives this EP as a whole a more varied feel. Those buying into this band with this record for the first time though probably won't get that vibe quite as much as it's all pretty similar stuff. Certainly not to be passed up if you're a fan of the quality punk and hardcore coming out of Toronto at the moment.

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