Monday, May 13, 2013


And the follow up to Saturday's post, my copy of Cryptopsy's landmark third LP "Whisper Supremacy". Pressed once in 1998 by Displeased Records with rights from Century Media, this was the earliest stuff I ever heard from the band. As a young fellow listening to the late night local metal radio show, this album had just come out and for around two months or so it received heavy weekly rotation. It was also some of the earliest genuine Death Metal I remember being quite fond of. Up until that point my tastes in metal had revolved around more accessible bands like Pantera and Machine Head. Following the departure of original growler Lord Worm, Boston's Mike DiSalvo made his vocal debut on this album. To me at the time his voice was the most brutal and ghastly thing I had ever heard, and realistically it still holds up very very well within the modern metal climate. Compared to the chords of Worm, Mikes style certainly showed signs of a more accessible style though, abandoning a lot of those real inaudible gurgles that Worm was well known for. You could certainly argue that this album is the one where the band started to travel in a more 'metalcore' direction thanks largely to Mikes style. It was 1998 though, that style of music wasn't quite on the radar yet and he left the band well before they staked any claims in it.

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