Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Second demo tape from Perth's Flesh Police. More Powerviolence mayhem from what I've recently read a certain American blog label as the PV capital of this country. Probably. Though, it's hardly like they're  firing out of that city these days, and Extortion haven't been based out of there in years. Anyway, back to it, the recording on this thing is ten fold better that that of the bands first demo tape. Still rough as hell as it should be for this style of music, but the blown out approach comes from the actual instruments this time, not the crappy recording. What's to say? Anything I'd talk about concerning this band at the moment I've likely already said about numerous acts recently on here. Don't interpret that as a bad point though, I know the last thing I want when it comes to this kind of music is something unpredictable. This is just good, solid, abrasive punk for freaks and losers. Fans of the obvious Australian stalwarts take note.


Bill said...

Awesome demo. There's some riffing that sounds like Phobia, which is never a bad thing.

Had to email them to see how much it would be to ship to US. Thanks for turning me on to something awesome.

VII said...

Haha, that was my quote. I kinda just based that on Extortion, may be a little misjudged. Nice to see you read my blog!

Didn't know there was a tape of this. I want.

s4drecords said...

don't forget Sufferrr :)