Friday, May 17, 2013


Italy's Blasphemophagher may be on indefinite hiatus, or broken up or whatever, but I've more or less only taken notice of them in the last six months. Their entire released catalogue is relatively extensive, ranging across various formats; 7" EP's, splits, live releases and three LP's. This is the last LP they did, "The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos". Black vinyl, pressed by Nuclear War Now! Musically speaking, this thing is more or less exactly what you'd expect from NWN! Extreme Nuclear Death Metal in terms of recording and general sound, with harsh black metal undercurrents. Most of the nine tracks here revolve around a similar theme; apokalyptic visions of worldwide nuclear destruction along with stories detailing the actions of the dark overlord. Standard stuff I guess? The guitars are tuned heavy and the vokills are brutal and deep, while the length of most of the songs are riffed in the tremolo style, layered over a simplistic blasting beat. More traditional Death Metal riffs and breaks are utilised now and then to split it all up. Masterfully detailed, apocalyptic artwork handled by the one and only Paolo Girardi, I have to admit that a big reason for me wanting to buy this LP originally was for his work alone. I think I will be tracking down more stuff that he's been involved with in the future.

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