Saturday, February 9, 2013


Breakdown's '87 demo would arguably be one of the best demo's to come out the 80's NYHC scene. It's certainly my favourite and just about the only content of the band that I really like. Can't get into any of the the other stuff, including "Blacklisted" or any of the tracks from the comps that they contributed to. Put that down squarely to the brilliant, meaty, thick recording that this demo possessed. Pure neanderthal hardcore. I doubt I need to really explain it; the break in "Kickback" is just about the best thing to come out of the late 80's USHC scene, full stop.
Originally pressed to wax in the early 90's by Blackout! and Noiseville Records out of the US, my version is a 2005 edition from Dead Serious Recordings out of Germany. Yellow wax, unsure of the numbers. News has it that 540 Records and Painkiller Records are splitting the release of a Breakdown discog type LP this year containing one of the other demos and some unreleased stuff. Something like that anyway. Should be interesting.

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