Tuesday, January 1, 2013


My best of list for 2012. Thank you.

VxR Photo ??

Violent Rection- s/t- Hands down my favourite release of 2012. New LP on Painkiller in 2013.
Mammoth Grinder- "In And Out b/w See Me Hang"
Hatred Surge- "Purgatory"
Rot In Hell- "Termni Terrae"
Corpsessed- s/t- New LP in 2013.
Shackles- "Dissolve To Nothing"
Uncanny- "The Path Of Flesh"
No Tolerance- "No Remorse No Tolerance"
Think Twice- "Deficit Youth"
Trench Rot- "Tyrant"- No post yet. Still waiting on my copy from Video Disease.


Violent Future- Demo Tape
Innumerable Forms- "Frozen To Death" Promo Tape
Violent Outburst- Demo Tape
Skrapyard- Mix Tape- Australian version of this CS coming soon from ROTP Records.
Peacebreakers- Demo Tape
Church Of Disgust- Demo Tape
World War 4- Demo Tape
Disguise- Demo Tape
The Flex- Demo Tape
Rival Mob- "Mob Justice" Promo Tape- Preordered the new LP and accompanying tape last week.
Oblivionation- Demo Tape
Blind Justice- Demo Tape- Never been able to get my hands on a copy of this tape. Someone help me out.
Menace To Society- Demo Tape- One of my own releases. Hence no stand alone post.

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