Thursday, November 8, 2012


More powerful hardcore from Boston, this time the debut 8 track demo tape from instant favourites World War 4. The amount of excitement surrounding this band at the moment is unbelievable. Initial copies of this demo were sold in a limited run at This Is Hardcore Fest earlier in the year, to then be flipped on eBay by several entrepreneurs for stupid prices. Those crazy sales were then followed by a second (and far more widely available) release in the Painkiller Records webstore about six weeks ago. I suppose I can understand the sentiment. CC, Doug Free and DFJ from just about every great current Boston band, playing with Porter from Floorpunch. Even on paper it doesn't take a genius to understand just how massive this band would be. Expect pretty on point hardcore that retains all the sentiment of that great 90's New Jersey band with some pretty blatant Breakdown styles thrown in to boot. Dive bombs, crunchy guitars, mosh bits, fast breaks, lyrics about the edge. You can't really go wrong with this.

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