Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Latest (3rd) s/t 7" from everyone's favourites, Hoax. Black vinyl from Painkiller Records. Package wise, this would arguably one of the tidier records that the label has produced in the last few years. Heavy vinyl, thick, fold out card inserts, elaborate artwork/layout. Something that wouldn't seem out of place from the Youth Attack label I guess. Generally, when any one particular band manages to drum up as much hype as this one has in such a relatively short amount of time, I do get a little bit pessimistic. With that in mind, out of the handful of releases that this band can now claim responsibility for, I'm confident that this EP is their best. The recording is dense and loud, the songs are droning and gruff. The depressant, anxious vibe that the band is obviously trying to purvey is done well here. But that doesn't necessarily mean these guys are worth the hype they get. This is good, interesting hardcore, but I really don't think it warrants all of the circle jerking that seems to be associated with it at the moment. If you want slightly left field, 'dark' hardcore, you'll find it here. If you want something that makes you want to cut your wrists open, you'll probably find it here (if that's your thing), but if you want punk that makes you want to punch your boss in the face, you best check out the new Violent Reaction 7".

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