Thursday, October 18, 2012


Another Extortion record to post about, this time a new variation of their recent split LP with Cold World. The story with this one's a bit peculiar. The original press of this release can be chalked up to RSR, here though a label that I'd never heard of before now- Nerdcore Records is to be held responsible. I only really found out about this record when this label included me in some sort of generic email to push it. Initially I thought it was some sort of bootleg but some further research revealed that the guys that run the label more or less paid RSR some sort of licence fee for the opportunity to release it in this deluxe, hand assembled set up. Turns out they've also done this with a handful of other records before this one too. With all my previous complaining about RSR and their need to release every Ex record in multiple silly variations, I am pretty stoked on this one. Very tidy hand screened and die cut sleeves and inserts make for just about one of the cleanest record presentations that I own now. 50 copies, all on black wax. Mine's number 09. Sold out in less than a day.

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VII said...

Guhhhh, so jealous of this. Looks great!