Sunday, October 21, 2012


Off the regular tested vinyl posting track for today's banter.

- As if you didn't know, Infest are doing at least one reunion show next year at Maryland Death Fest (is it likely that they'll do Chaos In Tejas too?). I have already bought my three day pass for the punk stage at that festival. I'll be buying at least two day passes for the metal stage once they're released too. Hoping that Bolt Thrower announce another set at some point in the weekend as their Thursday show is already sold out at this point. Anybody interested in hanging out next year? At this stage it looks like I will be travelling solo.

- In other news of reunions, NYC's Antidote have announced a proper and (I'm assuming) more permanent reformation, with corresponding full length album due for releases on B9 in November. I don't know what to think. I've documented extensively on here my fondness for the original '83 incarnation of the band but the new song they've previewed this week is pretty average.

- Earache Records last week launched pre orders for the repress of the essential Bolt Thrower album "Realm Of Chaos". Not available on wax since '89, original versions of this record sell for shitloads on eBay, Discogs and the like. I got up at 3am and secured the most limited edition of the new version of 100 copies. I'm not positive at this point, but I think the entire repress may be sold out. I can't find it for sale in either the Euro or US Earache webstore. Might be smart to check yourself. Certainly the best Bolt Thrower stuff.

- As you lot may know I do tapes. I'm doing one more, the last for a while at least, due in a fortnight or so. It's DR#12, and it's new material from dual vocal fastcore/mosh band Nazi Dentist from Brisbane. Better recording than their last tape and plenty more stop/start riffage. Check the band out on facebook.


VII said...

Hell yeah! See you at MDF dude!

Brandon said...

Yo, come to Chaos, it's a lot more fun than MDF.