Friday, September 7, 2012


Here's the brilliant first demo tape release "Premature Autopsy" from the legendary Nihilist. Doubt I need to go into much depth about the band really? I hope not anyway. Swedish. Pioneered Swedish death metal and the Sunlight Studio sound. Went on to become Entombed etc. This came out in 1988 and for a tape of such age, this copy I recently procured on eBay is in great condition. As I mentioned, this was the bands very first release and as a result the songs here possess a kind of thrashy sound, thanks largely to LG's vocals still being in that somewhat developmental stage. It wasn't really until the bands last demo "Drowned" that he really nailed the low end that helped epitomise the bands trademark sound. Heavy traces of a driving death metal sound soon to come are still very apparent here though, and two of the tracks on this tape did go on to re-appear on the first Entombed album. This marks the second of the three Nihilist demo tapes that I now own. I posted about the tape that followed this, "Only Shreds Remain" at the end of last year. All I need at this point it the aforementioned "Drowned" demo and it's a complete set. I suspect though, that that tape may be the hardest to get my mitts on, it's certainly regarded as their best stuff.

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