Thursday, September 6, 2012


Another notch in the belt for fine Irish hardcore, here's the debut demo tape from Disguise. I knew nothing about this band until Static Shock Records recently upped this tape in the web store for sale, to my surprise to an extent, as this band features members of another Irish group that I am obsessed with and I am normally all over the members numerous projects. The best way to describe this band would be to use various Bastard and Japanese punk comparisons. It actually reminds me heaps of the demo by Japanese band Sex Messiah from a few years ago. Simplistic, mid paced stuff with a semi rough recording, nailed together by heavily delayed vocals. If you liked the reverb and delay apparent in the vocals in previous works of this bands members, you'll certainly be into this. Nine songs here, this thing could easily be pressed to vinyl. I suspect that it may be at some point. No evidence to support such an idea, but I really wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Really really great demo. Heaps of really catchy bits.

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