Monday, August 13, 2012


The new 7" from the UK's Violent Reaction is due within the next week or so on Quality Control and Static Shock Records, and at the same time Rain On The Parade out of Canberra will be issuing an Australian edition of the EP on cassette. Exclusive to the Oz version is artwork by a good mate Jack. I liked the art so much that with the bands permission I had it printed on a really limited run of shirts. These are available in Australia for $15 postage paid and internationally for $20 Australian dollary doos. I suspect most of these will remain in this country but I am happy to send to the former colonies if demand is warranted. Sizes run S, M, L. Send an email or just straight up paypal to- Be sure to include your full postal address and required shirt size. Bulk orders attract better postal rates obviously.

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