Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been on a bit of a demo hunt over the last few days and in that time I've managed to find some bangers. Perhaps I'm a bit behind the ball on a few of these though?

Wolfsblood from Canada up first. I just read their interview in the latest issue of Counterfeit Garbage Fanzine and was compelled to give their two demo tapes a go. They take a stab at a pretty tried Boston sound with both tapes. The first tape has a pretty low-fi sounding recording but it's certainly got it's own merit. Their second demo certainly steps it up a whole lot. You can still purchase it at Grave Mistake.

This morning Static Shock Records put up for sale a handful of new demos by bands that I hadn't heard about yet. I was primarily drawn in by the debut recording from a band out of Dublin called Disguise only because they are comprised of members of a well documented favourite of mine, Crowd Control. This demo is basically a tribute to Japanese hardcore. If you like Bastard you will like this demo. If you like the massive delay in Andy's vocals on that last CC LP you will also like this demo. You can download it here, and buy it here.

M.F.P. are from Boston and play... you guessed it, Boston hardcore. Not sure if it's by the usual suspects or not, but regardless it's pretty ripping. This edition that SS is selling is a secondary version, the first having sold out earlier in the year.

Featuring members from previous Californian band come record label, Video Disease, Stoic Violence are self described as an early Boston crew/NYHC orientated bunch of misfits fronted by a vocalist that would have been more suited to a band like Die Kreuzen. There's a certain Boston vibe going on here, but they also definitely slide into that stark outsider punk territory spear headed by various Washington classics like Void. Buy it here or here.

The Flex demo has been doing the rounds for a few months now and I had been meaning to get my hands on my own copy, I was just perhaps a bit lazy about it. Well since SS threw some up this morning along with these other tapes I grabbed it. Expect cool things from this band.

Very behind the ball with the next band I know, but I've just discovered the Clear demo this week and I'm pretty stoked. From what I can tell tapes are long gone, but Triple B Records is currently running pre orders for the 7" version.

Last up, the World War 4 demo. I was just turned onto this last night. Featuring various Boston Nu Scene heavy weights, along with Mark Porter of Floorpunch. If you like that band you should certainly find interest in this. No tapes floating about yet, but apparently they'll be sold at some gig happening this week. Who knows if they'll ever make it available for a reasonable price online. eBay, here comes the fanatics.

Fuck yeah for demos.

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