Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Earache Records seem to be in the throes of reissuing (or in this case issuing) a heap of their classic back catalogue and here's one that I'm very excited about, the s/t LP from the UK's brilliant Iron Monkey. The last time I spoke about this band was back in 2010 when I posted about their 10" "We've Learned Nothing". Subsequent comments on that post informed me that the band at that point had no other vinyl releases to their name but at the time of writing I certainly thought otherwise. Fast forward 16 years from it's original CD release and this absolute genre topper finally gets a release in the only true format. I was slightly late to the party regarding this release, by a week or so I think, but I still managed to get my mitts on the most limited variation, shrimp pink of 100 copies.
Masterful doom laden mayhem, I can't say enough good things about this band and the two full lengths they unleashed. In terms of nasty doom metal I really don't think you need anything else by any other band ever really except for this album and the one that followed, "Our Problem". That album is due for release on wax too in the coming weeks. When it arrives, obviously I'll be posting about it. If you've never heard this band and you're chasing HEAVY go and find the song "666 Pack" and listen to your bowels empty uncontrollably while you spin it. Menacing. As an added bonus this new edition also features a Black Sabbath cover in the form of the "Vol. 4" classic "Cornucopia", and they manage to pull a cool rendition.

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