Thursday, July 12, 2012


Violent Minds have been a favourite of mine for a long time. Problem is I suppose is I procured most of their stuff before this blog really started kicking so I don't think I've ever really spoken much about them on here. I never thought I'd ever actually have the chance to either as I thought that my VM collection was more or less complete. That was until a few weeks ago when this demo tape of theirs popped on eBay. Now this is something that I have never heard of, no google search has ever brought up an kind of tape (and yes I have googled 'Violent Minds demo tape' and similar many times before), and I've never read about it in any interviews or the like ever. Though four songs are listed here on the insert, this thing is more than 20 minutes of random jams and very demoish sounding stuff. No vocals either, just music tracks as I think this was recorded before Zach moved onto vocals. I'd question the authenticity of this tape (and I am still a little curious) but it was being sold by what seems to be a pretty genuine Canadian fellow who was also selling a bunch of certified origina bonzers (Urban Blight and No Reply demo tapes etc). Anyone out there with any kind of info?

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