Friday, June 8, 2012

suffer no fool

Here's the new s/t 7" from Texas' Power Trip thanks to Lockin' Out Records. Fruity mixed vinyl. A few years back when I first took an interest in Austin's Mammoth Grinder I went on a bit of a hunt for other Texas bands that might pique my interest as much as that group. One of the bands that I stumbled across at the time was Power Trip from Houston. At that point all they had under their belts was a demo that didn't really get my blood pumping that much so I more or less pushed them to the side. Between that demo and this 7" they also released another EP which I haven't checked out yet but hope to get around to soon. This record though... crickey. Raging, massive New York crossover thrash hardcore that takes obvious cues from all of the big hitters of the mid to late 80's NYHC scene. I've read somewhere that they're putting an LP out on Southern Lord later this year too which I was a little surprised by but I'm certainly eager to hear now. Band is well worth the interest and hype they seem to be getting at the moment.

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