Thursday, June 7, 2012

no regard

Fast hardcore is the order of the day with this debut s/t EP from Sectarian Violence. Recent release from Grave Mistake Records that was pressed on at least two colours, possibly more. Mine is part of the wider black pressing. From what I can tell this band is kind of a world affair featuring a member from one larger American group (Coke Bust I think?) and some dudes from Europe. This reminds me of a few popular current hardcore bands doing the rounds. Coke Bust and Nightstick Justice ring true immediately with that fast, relentless angsty hardcore with a very modern, clear recording. As with most of this kind of hardcore, it's devoid to an extent of many hooks, it's just non stop up tempo, so it can get a bit boring after a while. Of the other bands mentioned previously though these guys are probably my favourite. They mange to hold my interest at least anyway for the entire six tracks on offer.

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