Saturday, June 23, 2012


Wilkes Bar straight edge powerhouse Stick Together put their second EP out a few months ago on Triple B Records and here it is on red vinyl. "Surviving The Times". The last time I posted about these guys was well over 12 months ago when I spoke about "No More Games". At the time I had good things to say in said post but I don't think it really hit me how good that first record of theirs was until a good three weeks after that. Such a perfect modern hardcore record with so many catchy fast breaks, slow bits and hooks etc. One of the best of the moment. While this EP retains many of those awesome elements of their earlier work, backed up by a slightly updated, more pronounced recording, overall this isn't as great. Not to say it's bad, there's plenty of fun bits like the triple snare catch in the beginning of "View Of One" and the guitar solo in the title track, there's just not as many songs that make me lift the needle and put it back down at the beginning again. I'td be worth mention to note also that the best song on the record and perhaps one of the best songs the band has ever written is actually a rehash from the demo.

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