Sunday, June 24, 2012


Another release from Ireland's Drainland in the form of another split record, this time a 7" with countrymen Crows. Released by Drainland's previous main man Jamie Grimes and his label Suburban Mayhem Records. Black vinyl. This marks the final involvement that Jamie has with the band in terms of being an actual band member and to be honest it seems a bit odd to me. Over the years my interest in the group has developed directly with my fondness of the various aspects of the music that he was involved with; his vocals and his song writing. Without him I don't think it will really feel like the Drainland that I've come to appreciate. We will see with further releases though I guess. Apart from maybe one or two individual songs from previous releases I'd go as far to say that their two tracks here would have to be the best they have presented in terms of pure aggro. Their heaviest recording to date, and Jamie is at a true peak vocally. Best he goes out on a high like this then I suppose.
I wish I could be as excited about the effort from Crows. Musically it seems that they're going for the same kind of sound as their split mates; that downtuned, slightly sludgey hardcore with a pretty crispy recording. And admittedly this isn't horrendous, but the main singers abysmally weak vocals with cheap American accent really do quite a bit to ruin the experience for me. I don't know, maybe you'll like it?

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