Saturday, March 17, 2012

son of man

Here's the debut vinyl release from Perth's Helta Skelta, their s/t LP. Self released by the band on black wax in a press of 200 copies. Members of a few other notables from that area I've read. Originally this thing was put up for pre order around October last year, when I ordered it, but for whatever reason the guys missed it or something so I've only received this in the last few weeks. Early orders went out with a free cassette version of the LP too, I should have got one, but yeah like I said, the guys missed my order some how.

Hardcore punk with clean sounding guitars and yelled vocals. Overall a pretty clean sounding recording, for a current Australian band these guys take a pretty unique approach. One of the better Australia albums in recent memory and a noticeable step up from their much lauded demo from a couple years ago.

Hand numbered as you can see.

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