Wednesday, March 28, 2012

get real

New EP, "Derailed" from Californian band Zero Progress. Black vinyl, pressed by Piledriver Records which I think is the label run by one of the guys in the band. I don't really know anything about these guys at this stage other than what I've just said. I friend of mine recently turned me onto them and I was pretty into right away.

They play a pretty good take on a handful of varied early 80's styles. Most obvious sound I heard immediately was a pretty bouncy NYHC thing, most typified by the singers pretty youthful style. There's definitely a good chunk of the Boston sound ala Jerry Kids and the likes going on here too in some fast 'one two one two' drum bits.

A note included with this record told me that they have a new record on the way soon.

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This came out like 2 years ago :)
I know alot about this band, I have all their stuff.