Sunday, February 12, 2012

work or jerk

Who remembers how good Canberra's Hard Luck were? I always thought it was sheer blasphemy that these guys never created more waves on the international circuit in the time they were together. Over the space of around 4-5 years they released a handful of great stuff, including a single LP in the form of "Dead End". I will admit that their split 7" with Newcastle's Faux Hawks, and the EP "Want Went Wrong?" before this album were somewhat better, but there's certainly no getting past how fun and catchy this LP is. Pure, basic, catchy as hell Boston styled hardcore with some NY influences too. I've had this platter for around 4 years now I think, having secured it when it first came about. For the uninformed, this album saw a national release via CD around the same time on Common Bond Records, while Gato Fucking Loco were responsible for the vinyl. And responsible would be the perfect way to describe it.

I think most of those familiar with the band might know the story with this first press of this LP. Something like 100 copies on black vinyl, all housed in a total shit fuck of a sleeve. Basically a plastic construction with hand cut bits and pieces, all 100 were hand made with sticky tape and home job stuff. Real DIY feeling. Horrible to look at, but it's certainly got character.

A subsequent pressing was made a year or 2 after this initial version with a regular card sleeve featuring the artwork that appeared on the CD release. I never secured one, though I wish that I did.


Thomo said...

pretty sure the other version of the LP had a different cover to this and the CD

nopatience said...

it came out at the same time, however failed to see the light of day for a long time after ari left them in his mums shed whilst he had a break down. as far as i know a huge amount of the pressing also warped due to being left in his van when it broke down, and were not sold as a result. i possibly have a spare copy of the regular version, if i find it i'll let you know sean.