Wednesday, February 8, 2012

armoured gideon

A few weeks ago a handful of blogs from around the place started posting about this 2011 Halloween surprise package record deal that Organized Crime Records released for pre order back in October. Not being the most fanatic of fans of the label, I had no clue that this thing even existed until January when packages started turning up in fellow bloggers mail boxes. Had I known though, I am almost positive that I wouldn't have bothered grabbing it anyway, as the contents of the package were left undisclosed by the label, and unless it's a label I am nuts about, I tend not to buy into silly hype building of the like.
So when the parties involved came to light, I was almost kicking myself as at that point I was under the impression that the package had completely sold out (perhaps I should have bothered checking the labels site). Turns out the record is a split 6" on black wax between Vegas and the mighty Rot In Hell. Luckily a more more observant friend brought to my attention the existence of stock at a base price in the Organized Crime webstore. I jumped on it immediately.
Starts off with this matte black wax stamp sealed envelope with the holy terror logo in black ink on the front.

I've never been a real Vegas fan so I think I'd struggle to make an appropriate summation of their contribution here in relation to the rest of their stuff. It's a single track, it's called "Time" and it's driven by acoustics, noise and atmosphere. Not in the slightest is it heavy in the typical sense, but it's certainly the kind of song you'd expect from a holy terror styled band in a more 'chilled out' moment.

The Rot In Hell song, this blog posts namesake, has been doing the digital rounds for a while now as far as I know. At least I've had possession of it for a while anyway. I think I may have ripped it from the bands tumblr a few months ago. It's somewhat of a standard RIH song. Metallic crunch with plenty of leads and flourishes of acoustics and atmosphere and the like, all punctuated with Nate's gruff vocals. I have a strong feeling that I have said this before, and I'm pretty sure at this point that I won't have to again, but it looks like this will be the last RIH stuff featuring Nate on vocals. A good way to end it I suppose. I read somewhere that he didn't even know this record happened until people started blogging about it.

All hand numbered, mine's 137 of 165.

Insert side RIH.

Insert side Vegas.

Also came with a shirt that I haven't bothered to post because it's pretty boring. Anyone wanna buy a medium shirt with some artwork from this split on the front?

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