Monday, December 5, 2011

ripping flesh

Tape post part 2: Death metal. First up, the 2010 demo tape "Infernal Blasphemies" from Dutch freaks, Entrapment. Two tracks of very faithful Swedish styled death metal plus a Nihilist cover. One certainly couldn't be blamed for mistaking this as material from that infant Swedish tape trading scene. On point metal released by Detest Records. I did read somewhere at some point earlier this year that they have a new 7" due very soon. I can't remember details, but I think it'l be something to keep an ear out for.
Next up, the first demo from Finland's Swallowed, "Epitaph Of Nauseation". The debut release from Detest Records, since this thing was originally released back in 2008 the band have intentionally progressed their sound into a much darker, occult, downtuned kind of vibe, but with this tape the band were certainly having a good crack at a much more simplistic American death metal ala Autopsy and maybe even Master. Wouldn't you know it, they do a pretty on point rendition of an Autopsy song here too. I guess the two highlights here for me are the really rough recording and the vocalists prefect style. So many great early Autopsy similarities. Track this demo down and give it a listen and you'll know what I am talking about.
And today's final post subject, the demo tape from Victoria's Doomed Beast. I recently picked this up in a trade with my mate Berkay. The name says it mostly, epic doom metal cross bred with some NWOBHM vibes. Three tracks. Very clean and professional package from Abysmal Sounds.

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