Sunday, November 13, 2011

one day

Just shy of two months ago I posted about the tour version of the new Mindsnare/Ringworm split 7". Well here's the normal version from Resist Records and A389 Records. Unlucky I guess in that I again landed this green variation as opposed to the purple press, but you can't win 'em all I guess. Anyone who's willing to trade should contact me.
So as most should have heard at this point, the sleeve acts as a mini comic with art and shading all handled by The Human Furnace. While the storyline is relatively pointless, the penmenship is outstanding and a nice touch.
I mentioned in the previous post about how the Ringworm tracks must have been recorded in a separate session to their new LP from this year, "Scars", mainly due to how different they sound from that LP's content. As it turns out, the tracks are credited to have been laid down back in 2005. Baring more than a few similarities to the material on the bands LP from that year "Justice Replaced By Revenge", I'm assuming that these were left overs from their time in the studio then.

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