Tuesday, November 1, 2011

flesh revelation

Just over a month ago I posted about that compilation LP from Canada, "City Limits", and in said post mentioned this great new(ish) PV styled band Purity Control. After I first heard their contribution to that comp I went about seeking out the rest of their catalogue. By way of the VLV forum I was lucky enough to get into contact with one of the guys in the band, Brandon, who was kind enough to send me both or their demos (two extra copies of the latest one for Brisbane heads who are interested in their own copy) and a shirt. Not sure of the numbers, but I do know that the first one is now sold out, and I suspect I got the last copies of the second.
13 tracks spread over both releases, with the newest tape there's a noticeable progression on from the blatantly obvious PV styles prominent on the first demo, into a straighter, noisier, more streamlined hardcore approach. Rest assured this is still rooted in stop/start hardcore, but the band seem to have grown a little beyond the shameless Crossed Out worship into a more individualised unit. The replacement of their original drummer and the addition of a second guitarist may or may not have something to do with this also.
Again, with that progression in mind, their contribution to that recent Canadian compilation saw them again morphing further from the approach used with the songs on these demos, to produce a slightly more metal approach, evident with the intense thrash riffing in the second half of their song. Take note though, that that was only one song and hardly a good example of a concrete direction that the band is taking. I'm really curious to see what they do with future releases.
Speaking of future releases, word was getting around earlier in the year that Colohan would possibly be releasing an EP with his label. I've heard nothing since, but I suspect this could still happen. I hope something happens, both of these demos rule.

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