Tuesday, October 11, 2011

skateboard bikini wax

Eddie Brock from Baltimore play a pretty rugged brand of powerviolence heavily reminiscent of "Trapped Inside" era Lack Of Interest, I think I am most so reminded of that band because of the singers vocal style here. Burly, throaty and powerful. This is their debut s/t 7" thanks to Photobooth Records. Pre order of yellow/green of 80 copies. Obi strip too.
What differs from the aforementioned influences is a few things. First, the recording is noticeably cleaner and what you would call more 'modern' sounding. Just generally neater and tidier. With the modern tone comes a slightly more accessible style in general too. Blast beats and sudden tempo shifts are prominent still, but they're coupled with many more bouncy riffs and mosh parts etc. To me with this style it almost seems like a natural progression for the genre
I doubt fans of the modern state of this style of music will be disappointed with this. It possesses all the elements to please a reasonably wide fan base. I can see the more purist types being less than satisfied with this though, but I guess it comes down to personal interpretation. Take it or leave it, it's worth the $7.

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yes good call on the trapped inside comparison..i was sent this 7" from the band last week and came to the same conclusion!