Monday, October 10, 2011

peasant dance

This new LP, "Blasts Of Lunacy" from Canada's Omegas has been out now for a few months at least, but I've only managed to pick it up in the last fortnight. There's a reason for that I suppose. I downloaded the digital of it a few months back when it first came out, and to be honest I just wasn't as impressed by it as I was with the majority of their earlier stuff. This is a band that's built a relatively strong following based a lot on what I believe to be hype. I don't know, maybe I'm missing the point? I've tried countless times, over and over to try and get into this album, trying to see the draw card that I am obviously missing. Many people who's opinions I trust are raving about this album, but I just don't get it. Anyway, this was originally released in small numbers by Parts Unknown Records months ago. Painkiller stocked a minimal amount, but as far as I know it was more or less non existent to Australians. This press came up in the RevHQ store a few weeks ago. Some kind of murky, purple/red vinyl.
Trying to analyse further why I can't appreciate this one like a shit tonne of other people seem to be able to, I put it down to a few things. First up, it's an LP. With such a crystal recording like this one, all of the songs certainly start to blend into each other really quickly. That's two points really too I guess; compared to the older stuff, this stuff is big budget sounding, and I can't handle it. Another factor; the songs just aren't as interesting as previous works. Maybe that has something to do with my interpretation of the recording though, but yeah, nothing jumps out at me like the stuff on the "Sonic Order" EP, or the mix tapes for that matter.
With all that said though, there is absolutely nothing inherently terrible about this, there's just nothing fantastic either. Middle of the road.