Monday, September 12, 2011


Here's a record that's more or less snuck on me completely unannounced, the debut s/t 7" from Death Evocation. This is on blue wax of 100 copies. The remainder of the press is on black. Unsure of the numbers there, but the pressing is somewhat larger from what I have heard. Point the finger of blame at Quality Control Records out of the UK for this one.
Disregard any pre conceived notions that you may have developed over of the name of the band. These guys don't play Swedish death metal. What you get here is three tracks of very faithful and on point 80's thrash metal by way of Slayer. Fast and unforgiving, the opening riff on the opening track "Relentless" would have to be one of the coolest thrash riffs that I have heard in a very long time. Constantly stuck in my head. This bands selling point is that all vocals are handled by a female. Such a feature draws heavy comparisons to mid 80's Birmingham thrash unit Sacrilege, and to be honest it's a remarkably close resemblance. Another point of note here is that members of this band come from across two continents, not just the UK; the basic story is that a few guys from the greater Boston scene made a trek to the the old land to record this with some natives. Someone told me it was members of Mind Eraser, Ampere and Rival Mob amongst others. I wouldn't be able to tell you just who though, as everything here is credited to satirically named members.
Simple packaging in this glued, card stock sleeve with all relevant notes and lyrics printed on the back cover. No insert and no inner dust sleeve for the record itself.
What a surpirse. One of the best releases of this year, even if I had to adjust to the female vocals at first.

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