Sunday, August 28, 2011

serve no man

The final piece of wax in my recent Painkiller Records batch is the non Painkiller Records 7", the s/t Put To Death EP put out by the Disposable Label. As most would know, this EP was put up in the PKR store at the same time as the rest of the batch with no warning prior. I had never heard of the existence of this release, or even this band at all, but news of it's collaborators was enough to pique my interest ten fold, and I think most fans of the bulk of the PKR roster would say much the same. Black vinyl of some unknown (to me) amount with a simple paper folded, black and white copied sleeve.
So if you haven't heard, this release has been credited to the expertise of Chris Cory of Mind Eraser/Boston hardcore elite and Alex Hughes of Austin's Hatred Surge. Rolls of each of the guys hasn't been divulged anywhere that I have read so far, but I would imagine that CC probably handled his usual roll of guitar, while Alex more than likely handled bass. Unaware if either is capable of playing drums, I'm not sure where that duty falls though. Vocals is another one I am a little confused about. Hughes normally takes care of business in that department, and I assumed he would here, but I'm not sure if it's actually him or not. It kind of sounds like him a little bit, but it's far from comparable to any of his previous works. This may well be the first time (to my knowledge) that CC has filled this role. Whoever it is, they do it well.
So maybe I should move onto what you actually get here? I think it could be reasonably open to interpretation, people I've talked with in the last few weeks didn't really get what exactly I was on about, but the first time a spun this EP, I was immediately reminded of later Infest, more precisely the "No Man's Slave" LP. Everything about this 7" reeks of said long player, the tinny guitar tone, the fast structures, the relatively clean, strummy riffs, the shouted vocals, the stark and confronting artwork, and the attitude in general. The band even openly admits to lifting lyrics from Infest (amongst other notables), and there's a very obvious reference in one of the tracks titles.
Easily the most faithful and on point Infest worship I have ever heard. This goes far beyond regular expectations, and it seems that once again, both of these guys have produced another absolute winner and grinner.


VocalxTest said...

Hey, I ready somewhere that this was limited to 500 copies. Just thought I'd let you know.

VocalxTest said...


Sean said...

thanks dude. thinking about it now, i think i read that on the PKR website too.

Survivalist said...

alex is a very accomplished drummer, early Hatred Surge is all Alex and he played drums in Knucklescraper.

CC sang in Born In Hell several years back

Sean said...

learn something new every day. thankyou mate.