Saturday, August 13, 2011


I don't know a huge amount about Montreal's Vile Intent, other than that they play furious powerviolence influenced by the standards. This is the follow up to last years "Shadow Of The Skull", the "Regression To The Mean" 7". Diseased Audio Records pressed something like 375 copies on black wax.
This is their best stuff to date. Better than the last 7", and the demo, and the tour tape they did. Six tracks of gruff hardcore, the A side is consistent of stop/start tempos with more of an emphasis on the ring outs during slow bits than the last record. Flip it, and it's a four minute instrumental that rips pretty hard on Infest songs of the same nature. Nearly half of it is feedback too, I like that.
Clean, tidy, matte packaging that uses pretty obviously grim and dark artwork courtest of Mr. Chris Colohan. Wouldn't really expect much else from a band of this nature, and why would I anyway? Suits them to a tee. Great band.

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