Sunday, August 14, 2011

mad medicine

I've noticed that when it comes to modern hardcore and punk, the majority of the stuff I enjoy is produced by a select number of bands and people that all seem to have some kind of link in one way or another. The Impalers are a good example of what I speak about. I don't listen to a massive amount of straight up d-beat styled crust punk. The odd band here and there, that's about it. The main reason I've come to enjoy this band I supposed is because the main person behind it all is Chris Ulsh of Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge. This is the bands debut s/t 7" on white vinyl, recently pressed by two entities, Todo Destruido and W Tapes. Total Discharge/Motorhead worship, out of all the music that I listen to that runs this vein, I dare say that this is the most faithful and focused of it all. Not sure of the pressing details with this record. I do know that alot of people seem to be freaking out on how to get their hands on it, though I had relatively zero trouble. I merely emailed Waldo at W Tapes, paid him and he sent one out quick smart. I have dealt with him before with the distro of the Impalers demo tape so that may have something to do with it.
Pressed recently for a handful of shows that band played around the time of Chaos In Tejas, this thing is somewhat limited in numbers I think, though I haven't heard an exact amount. Plans were being made to press a second run for wider distribution, but I never actually heard if that happened or not. It's possible that it has and that this record is a product of the rumoured press. It would explain why I had no trouble getting it I guess.
Alot of people got excited about that demo, and for good reason. Perfect sound for a demo of it's nature. This recording takes it up a total notch though. The recording is crystal clear without sounding overdone, and Chris' vocals are easily at their peak of anything that he has done. This beats any of his work on Mammoth Grinder and anything else. Mad man.
Worth your pennies. I heard that they had split, then I heard the contrary somewhere else. I hope they haven't. I hope they record a full length.

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