Monday, July 25, 2011

valium cocoon

First demo tape from this much hyped rough hardcore band The Ropes. As far as I can tell this is a reissue that's come about thanks to Yakuzzi Tapes. This is just that band The Repos renamed (cunningly as you can see), playing a slightly slower brand of the nosiy hardcore they used to. With this new tempo comes a new, 'oi' kind of feel too that you could probably also attribute to the singers throaty approach. This is the precursor to a second demo and a s/t 7" EP (that has just seen a reissue thanks to YA!).
I've never really followed either band closely, and I wouldn't have grabbed this if it weren't on offer for stock price (and along with some other stuff I was grabbing from RSR). It's an okay tape though, but I must say that I much prefer the pace and sound in general that the first band produced.

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