Tuesday, July 26, 2011

in bloody sewage

Another Hooded Menace related release, their split 7" with Coffins from Japan that Doomentia Records released last year. This is black vinyl of 400, there was also a variant of clear with black splatter of 100.
The best art that has accompanied any of the Hooded Menace stuff so far as far as I am concerned. I mean, it's predictable, but it's cool.
One track from each band, "The Haunted Ossuary" from HM, a mid tempo, kind of up beat riff heavy piece. It's a really catchy song and would have easily fit in on the "Fulfil The Curse" LP. Coffins' contribution "In Bloody Sewage" is another mid tempo, six minutes + number with deep reverbed vocals. Both songs work really well together, and if I had to choose which one I liked better, I'd more than likely choose the HM song, only just though.

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