Wednesday, May 11, 2011

gimme gimme gimme

This top list is the stuff of priority. If you contacted me about this
stuff now, I'd be happy to pay you/arrange a deal.

Biohazard- "Urban Discipline" LP
Drainland- "And So Our Troubles Began" MLP
Druids- "Pray For Water" Demo Tape
Hooded Menace- "Fulfill The Curse" Double LP
Mammoth Grinder- "Rage And Ruin" Tape
Mammoth Grinder- "Extinction Of Humanity" Tape
Rot In Hell- Demo Tape
Rot In Hell- "Úlfhéðinn" 7"
Rot In Hell- "Studies In Emerald" Tape
Scapegoat- Demo Tape
Sheer Terror- "Just Can't Hate Enough" LP
YDI- "A Place In The Sun' 7"

This stuff is stuff I'd like, but I'm not desperate about. Still keen on
offers. This list is far from definitive.

At The Gates- "Slaughter Of The Soul" LP
Bad Brains- "Rock For Light" LP
Dishammer- "Vintage Addiction" LP
Disrupt/Sauna- Split LP
Extortion- Both the silver and gold limited covers of the split 5" with Rupture
Extortion- Any test presses except for the Terminal Cancer test
Gang Green- "Skate To Hell" 7"
Iron Lung- Interested in anything of theirs that I don't have
Last Rights- "Chunks" Single
Shark Attack- "Feeding Frenzy" Demo 7"
Shipwrecked- S/T 7"
Straight Ahead- "Breakaway" LP
Warzone- "Lower East Side" 7"

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