Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kill The Music

This is my local record store. This store and eBay are the two places that I buy most of my vinyl. KTM can get nearly anything in. Most of Paul's in house stock is focused on more 'mainstream' releases and labels but he has full access to RevHQ as a retailer and he buys from that label fortnightly (sometimes more often). Whenever I want something from Rev (VERY often) he gets it for me. Saves alot on postage costs because he bulk orders. If you're from the general Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast area and you're in town he can do the same for you provided you're not going to be a flaky toe rag.
He has 9 copies for sale of the "No Peace/War" compilation 7" on yellow vinyl, featuring Integrity, Gehenna, Vegas, Rot In Hell and Cape Of Bats all covering Japanese hardcore classics. Limited to 185, as far as I know KTM and another store in Melbourne are the only two stores in Australia stocking this record. It's a limited 'Record Store Day' release (this Saturday the 16th of April), but he is flogging it on his blog now, so go nuts. I'm plugging it here because I get the distinct impression that most of you Brisbane fruits have no clue what good music is and how cool Paul and his record store are. Visit his blog and store. Buy some records from him. It won't cost you a heap and Paul appreciates business from straight forward, genuine people.

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