Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mood Stabilizer

This one will probably end up being my favourite split of 2011, The Mammoth Grinder/Hatred Surge split LP on red vinyl of 100. Another boiler from Cyclopean Records. Brilliant artwork by the guy (not sure of his name, someone help me out) who also did the Insect Warfare "World Extermination" LP, though I'm not totally sure about that, I just read it somewhere, there isn't any art credits in the liner notes of this.
Both of these bands are pretty much the one unit now, sharing maybe five members between them. Rest assured that there is certainly a defined difference between the two sides of this LP.
Mammoth Grinder present three tracks of crushing early 90's inspired American death metal. The first track, 'Pulverizer' is probably the best song they've written in their later incarnation of this more true/focused Autopsy styled approach, if just for the intro alone. A mid paced riff jam with some sick leads and a really catchy momentum, this track is constantly playing in my head. The song does pan out a little and get kind of boring once the vocals kick in, but that fucking intro destroys so much. Worth the price of the whole LP alone. From there they've re-recorded 'Societal Collapse' from the previous MLP, which I'm kind of confused about, because apart from a new solo in the middle, this version is almost exactly the same as the old version. Then another new number in 'Surveilled', just over five minutes of really late 80's thrash inspired mayhem with a really repetitive (but catchy) lead. I really can't wait for new material from these guys, they just seem to mature and get better and better.
I can honestly say that (apart from their collab effort with Iron Lung) this is the best stuff that Hatred Surge have recorded. This offering marks the introduction of Rahi, formerly of Insect Warfare as now official, full time vocalist, replacing Fazia who moved on to concentrate on her other band, Mindless. And while I did eventually grow to enjoy her style with the bands last full length, Rahi's style suits this band a million times better. Four songs here of probably the cleanest sounding grind that the band have recorded so far, but fear not, it's still as mean and rough as the rest of the groups catalogue. With that said though, these songs are probably the most hardcore (for lack of a better word) orientated that Alex and co have written too. Still plenty of grind as before, but certainly the introduction of some somewhat groove laden riffy bits. Alex even groans "kick it" it at one point haha. My only gripe with this side is that it's over too fucking quick, even with the two minute noise outro on the closing track "Supernova". I hope that they record another full length with this line up that sounds EXACTLY like this stuff.
Cyclopean initially put these red versions up for pre order and that was it. It sold out in less than a day and then there was no more. About two months later (and two months because of some pressing error at the plant) when the whole press was ready for sale they put the remaining 400 on black up too. I thought I read somewhere that those black copies sold out as well but I've just checked and they're there. So maybe it's another press I don't know. That or what I read was a pile of crap. I'd probably bet on the latter. I'm pretty sure that this will sell out eventually though, so you might get wise and grab a copy. I'm betting you don't regret it.


Tim said...

1st press is sold out

2nd press out in April apparently.

Such a good record!

Survivalist said...

daniel shaw is the artist

sings in War Master

Sean said...

Thankyou Survivalist. Now how does one get a copy of that last Slaughter Strike cassette? Or can I do my own small run for Australians?

Survivalist said...

you're more than welcome to do an australian edition of that tape if you like