Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Are Not Going To Heaven

The last record from my recent Deep Six order, this is the "This Comp Kill's Fascists Vol II" double LP gatefold. Came on green and blue as you can see. I think this is the limited colour, the rest came on black.
A reasonable amount of hype surrounded this compilation upon its announcement (as with it's predecessor), most of which I believe is wholly undeserved. 80% of this thing is comprised of second/third rate 'grind' bands. I'm into I think maybe four bands on here. I guess I more or less just grabbed it because I was ordering the No Comment reissues and it was relatively cheap. That and Extortion feature with some okay tracks.
So along with Extortion, the other bands that I'm fond of on here: Despise You (typical crust vibe that this band is known for, good tracks all round), Lack Of Interest (full of energy, the best PV stuff on this comp), Owen Hart (certainly my two favourite tracks on the whole comp, utter mayhem. It's a shame they weren't able to carry this energy onto their latest LP), Drugs Of Faith (cool, rough vibe with great vocals). The rest of this is forgettable at best. Some big hitters like Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, In Disgust, Endless Blockades or even Magrudergrind (again) would have been great.

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