Saturday, December 18, 2010

Worked On

Mob Rules from the UK are a band that I got really excited about at the begining of this year. With their debut EP, and split 7" with Crowd Control they played a fairly solid meld of metal, mosh and PV influenced hardcore, obviously the stuff that I find the easiest to enjoy. This is their new LP "The Donor", a split release betweem Zandor and Grot Records. Red wax of 100 copies.
This new material sees the band taking a reasonably directional sharp turn in sound, easing back from the straight up tempo changes, blast beats and mosh bits of earlier material. With this new album they seem to be experimenting alot more with (what I interpret as) free jazz and the like. It may sound wanky as, but fear not, they still heavily employ their earlier metallic leanings. There seems to be just alot of what almost seems as improvisation with the fret work and the like. There's still very much structure to these songs, but it's obvious that the band has made a conscious decision to remove themselves from that PV equation.With the new direction in mind, at this stage I am having trouble getting into this as much as I did with the two previous releases. It's alot less predictable, and with that, alot less memorable aswell. Give me a week or two and maybe I'll change my mind (as has been proven many times in the past), but right now, I'm not feeling this as much as the old stuff. Some people have said that this is the UK release of the year, but I'm going to have to disagree with that one. When it arrives, I'll be posting about what I consider to be the UK's LP of 2010.

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