Monday, December 27, 2010

Life Rot

Another post, another Chicago hardcore band. This is a second press of the debut Vile Gash s/t 7". Cherry red kind of vinyl of 500 copies. Youth Attack Records.
After a series of roughly recorded (and very sought after) demo cassettes, this 7" is a moderate step up in the recording quality department. It's still quite a shitty sound though, so fans of their previous stuff more than likely won't be put off by this at all. My one gripe with the sound though, is it comes across as somewhat 'studio', while simultaneously possessing a kind of 'muddy' quality. While this is my favourite work of the band, initially I was a little surprised by the production values.
Very clean packaging, typical of course of Youth Attack. Matte sleeve, with the inner dust sleeve also doubling as the lyric sheet.
Drab, predictable black and white artwork that I can't decide if I really like or not.
This stuff could probably be pigeon holed as a somewhat mysterious guy approach, but in reality this is just rough, dirty hardcore with a messy production. The best Youth Attack release of 2010, I'd advise everyone to at least give this a try via download.

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