Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Choke On It

When the Euros do it right, they do it really right. Case in point, the "Violence In Our Minds" LP by Norway's Insurance Risk. Pure Boston worship, many people reference the big three when talking about this band: SSD (very obvious comparisons in the vocal department, just listen, it's a shameless Spriga salute), Negative FX (look at the fucken cover), and DYS (lots of posi bro posturing). This is a discog LP of sorts of their two prior 7"s. This comes about courtesy of Crucial Response Records.
Very tight recording on both sides (both EPS), to the point when it tends to get a little grating if you listen to all 18 songs together in one sitting. I find that I'll usually spin one side but not the other, as the songs tend to meld into eachother after a while.
Black vinyl of something like 279, red also exists of 261.
I wanted this for ages as no uploads exist online that I can find, and the one track that I heard I loved. Shipping from Europe was a joke though, and the only other place that I could find it (Deranged) were also charging an arm and a leg. I debated over it for a while, but when Deranged put up orders for the new Nomo's LP I bit the bullet and ordered both. Postage took nearly three months, but ordering the two LP's and two other 7"s plateaud out the cost a little.


Thomo said...

Best fucking record! i uploaded this a couple of weeks ago...

Sean said...

all good man, i ripped it myself last night. tell more people though, it needs to be heard.