Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Thousand Seasons

Dom at A389 Records has good taste when it comes to doom influenced groups; Seraphim, Caulfield, Oak and now this new 7" by Pharaoh all rule, and it's certainly the best stuff that the label has anything to do with. These guys play slow, dirty hardcore that I've heard compared to Neurosis. I don't listen to a huge amount of that band so I can't tell you whether that label if off the mark or not, but I suspect that it probably isn't a bad angle. Two tracks on this record that both exceed the five minute mark. Mixed coloured vinyl that Dom seems to use so much.
And the other press of the Pulling Teeth/Shin To Shin split that I had coming. Another variant of this mixed wax I think too. If someone wants this just get at me. Regardless of how fucking good the S2S song is I don't need two copies of this record.

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Good One Dick Head! said...

I'll take that spare 7 inch off your hands.