Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rot In Hell/Wayfarer split 7"

Another one from one of the most prolific bands that I listen to: Rot In Hell's split 7" with Wayfarer. This is on white plastic of 100 copies, I got this on pre-order, white is long sold out now. This comes about thanks to Carry The Weight Records. I think that both bands are from the UK. I mean, I know that RIH are, and I read somewhere that Wayfarer are too, but on the latter bands myspace it says that they're from the United States, so yeah, I don't know. Someone help?
One new track from each band, both pulling heavy influence from Cleveland metallic hardcore of the 90's. Both songs are a little longer than the average hardcore song (exceeding three minutes), and both experiment a little with acoustic elements. The differences between the two would be that the RIH hell track is a dirtier production and that Wayfarer rely a little more on mid paced chug. Having never heard Wayfarer before this track though, I must say that I am impressed. The same goes with the RIH contribution, probably my favourite of theirs since the stuff from the demo.
Sturdy gatefold sleeve with a thick spine that makes the folded product quite fat. It's quality though and it fits snug inside it's sleeve.
Said gatefold does well to frame the brilliant artwork by Glynn Scrawled. Simplistic, dark and thorough. Every RIH related release gets nothing but the best in this department, always.
Very basic liner notes/lyrics insert. It's simple for a few reasons from what I assume. 1- the great artwork, who needs fancy lyrics? And 2...
...pre-orders get this; a cool little hand assembled booklet. I've said it before, these RIH guys must be collector nerds. Everything they do has something awesome like this.
The back. Hand numbered as you can see.
So this book has the matte cardboard outer sleeve (that was lightly glued shut I might add. I didn't want to open it, but like I said, it was light glue and I couldn't help myself, I'll glue it back together again at some point), and then inside it's plain paper that folds out into this eight panel piece.
And each panel on the reverse has these little hymns and riddles etc.
Band never fails to impress me. Keep it going dudes. And when is the "As Pearls Before Swine" LP finally dropping? I saw the artwork, it rules, but I need the tunes.

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breadman said...

thanks for the review again mate.
yeah the aesthetics of each release are important to us.
glad your into it fella.
and yeah....wayfarer are from Canterbury in England.